26 March, 2019

New visitor visa for Parents (870)

Home affairs has recently foreshadowed the introduction of the new visitor Visa for parents to Australia for 17 April 2019. Sponsorship applications can be submitted from 17 April 2019. Once the sponsorship is approved the visa can be applied for – probably from about 1 July 2019. At the time of writing this email, as  agents we are still waiting to see the actual regulations associated with this new Visa. For now we are relying on information that is available on the public domain.

This Visa may be an option for your parent to stay in Australia for a lengthy period of time, even if they do not meet the Balance of Family test.

Briefly, the Visa will allow an extended stay in Australia for potentially up to 10 years (by applying for a five-year Visa and then subsequent five-year Visa). The Visa can also be applied for as a three-year stay. Government fees for the visas are as follows: –

$5000 for a Visa up to 3 years duration; or
$10,000 for a Visa up to 5 years duration

The Visa will not have any work rights and the sponsor (the Australian child) will have an obligation to pay outstanding public-health debts incurred by the parent in Australia.

If you would like further information on this Visa please contact ACL Migration Agents. If you would like any assistance with the application process my fees will be $3,000 plus GST.

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