870 Sponsored Parent Visa

870 Visa – Sponsored Parent Visitor Visa

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This 870 visa long stay parent visitor visa has recently been introduced and it allows people who have Australian children or permanent resident children, the opportunity to come to Australia for an extended stay period. This stay period may be up to 3 or 5 years per visa and can allow a further stay such that the total period spent in Australia is 10 years.

These applicants must be sponsored by their child, and the sponsorship application must be submitted and approved before a visa application can be lodged. Each parent will have to make their own application.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Sponsor

The sponsor (the Australian child or Australian permanent resident) must make a sponsorship application and must meet the following key criteria: –

  • In the case of a permanent resident, having being usually resident in Australia for at least 4 years.
  • Pass the income test. The sponsor must demonstrate an income of approximately $84,000 per year. Incomes can be combined with your spouse or partner (or a sibling)  Contact us to discuss your options.
  • Provide police checks from countries that the sponsor may have lived in.
  • Your sponsor must agree to the obligations, which in part include paying all public-health debts incurred by the parent (among other obligations).

Eligiblity for the Parent

  • You must be the parent of the sponsor. You do not need to meet the “balance of family test”. In other words, it does not matter how many children you have living in Australia or other countries around the world.
  • Your sponsor must have been approved.
  • You must have complied with any other Australian visa that you may have held in the past.
  • You will need to undertake a health check and meet the health requirements.
  • You will need to provide police checks as part of the process.
  • You will need to demonstrate that you can afford to support yourself for the duration of this visa.
  • You must also demonstrate that you intend to stay in Australia temporarily and that you’re not using this as a pathway to permanent residence. Home affairs have advised that using this visa to stay in Australia while an existing 143 application is being processed will be acceptable.
  • You will need to have health insurance or have access to reciprocal health care agreements.
  • Have no outstanding debts to the Australian government.to meet this requirement.
To apply overseas or from within Australia?

Generally, this visa requires the parent (the applicant) to be outside of Australia when the application is made.


  • The government fees to become a sponsor are $420.
  • For the visa there is an initial application fee of $1000.
  • For a three-year stay the second application charge is $4000
  • For a five-year stay the second application charge is $9000

If you have a question or enquiry regarding this visa type, please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you soon.


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