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888 Visa Permanent Business Skills

The 888 visa – Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa

The 888 visa allow applicant who have been in Australia on a 188 visa, who have established or become involved in a business or investment. Currently (as of September 2019), there are 5 different eligibility pathways know as streams:

  1. Business Innovation Stream – for persons who have an ownership interest in an Australian Business. The specific page only focuses on this stream.
  2. Investor Stream – for persons who have a designated investments
  3. Significant Investor Stream – for persons who have complying investments
  4. Premium Investor Stream – for persons who have a complying premium investment
  5. Entrepreneur Stream – for persons who have met specific entrepreneurial activities

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Eligibility for the 888 visa – Business Innovation and Investment Stream

You may be eligible for an 888 visa if you meet the following key criteria:
  • you hold a 188 visa (Business Innovation/ Extension stream)
  • you have been in Australia on this visa for at least 1 of the 2 years before lodging the 888 visa
  • you have had an ownership interest in an Australia Business for 2 years before applying
  • You have obtained State nomination
  • Meet 2 of these 3 criteria
    1. you have assets in the business of $200,000 for 12 months prior to applying and/or
    2. employed 2 Australian citizens or permanent residents full-time for the last 12 months and/or
    3. Assets in Australia of $600,000 for the last 12 months
  • your main business had an annual turnover of at least $300,000
  • you have not been involved in unacceptable business practices
  • you and your family members meet the health and character checks

Please note there is additional criteria. Please contact us for a discussion and consultation

With the 888 visa you will be able to:

  • Access the first homer owner’s grant
  • continue your business activities and investments in Australia
  • live, work and study in Australia without restrictions
  • Access Medicare
  • in time, apply for citizenship
  • sponsor other relatives to Australia
  • the 888 visa has a 5 year travel facility. After that, if you do not have Australian citizenship, you may need to apply for a Resident Return visa
  • Access certain government (Centrelink) Benefits.

ACL Migration Agents Assistance

Our Registered Migration Agent can advise you on all of the requirements for the 888 visa. We can:

  • Constantly advise on the visa that may best suit your requirements
  • inform you of the documents you will need to submit with your visa application
  • assist with the compilation, completion and submission of the application and associated forms
  • communicate with the department on your behalf in the event of any queries
  • Assist in the preparation of the state nomination