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About Migration Agent Perth

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While our migration agent’s office is based in Quinns Rocks, Perth, Western Australia, with the internet these days we can, and have, assisted people from all parts of Australia and elsewhere in the world. We can communicate using Skype, email and by phone. As most visa applications these days are submitted electronically, correspondence by email is preferable once the appointment of the migration agent has been made and the application compilation has commenced.

At our office in Quinns Rocks (near Joondalup -North of Perth) we undertake face-to-face consultations which generally last 30 – 45 minutes. We do charge a nominal fee for these consultations. If you are outside of Perth and still require a consultation, this can be done using Skype, Zoom or by telephone to accommodate your requirements and time zone. We are very attentive during the consultation and by the end of the consultation you will have an understanding of your visa eligibility, as well as an appreciation of circumstances and possible options for your way forward. At that time we can also discuss the appointment and formal representation of our migration agent should you choose to move forward with a visa application.

Migration Agent Perth Services

As a Registered Migration Agent in Perth with over 16 years experience in the Migration business, you are assured of receiving the most professional and up to date assistance for all your Australia migration and visa enquiries.

An Australian registered migration agent is one the most highly regulated professions in Australia. To become an agent exams need to be written and thereafter there is scrutiny to the agent’s character etc. All migration agents have a “Migration Agents Registration Number” or MARN. The first 2 digits reflect the year that an agent first became registered and can be a good guide as to the experience of a migration agent.

visa agent and consultant

Our agent’s registration number (MARN) is 0430179. Registration in this case was initially made in 2004.

To maintain our ongoing (repeat) registration migration agents have to undertake ongoing annual courses called Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) to a minimum standard.

This process ensures that migration agents are kept abreast and up-to-date with Department of Immigration policy and legislation changes.

ACL Migration Agents offer you complete flexibility in the services you require, from initial consultations and preliminary advice through to a full service visa application. Additionally a major benefit of appointing a Migration Agent in Perth, is that the majority of applications are lodged in Australia, so if any input or changes are required during processing, we are available to correspond and liaise with the case officers on any issues. For more information or to make an appointment to see or have a consultation with a migration agent in Perth to discuss the Australia Visa best suited to you, please Contact Us.

As an Australian registered migration agent in Perth I can:

  • Constantly advise you on the visa that may best suit your requirements .
  • Inform you of the documents and supporting evidence you will need to submit with your visa application.
  • Assist with the compilation, completion, submission and lodgement of the application forms.
  • Communicate and correspond with the department on your behalf in the event of any queries.
  • Assist in the preparation of the nomination, skills assessments and visa application.

If you have a question or enquiry, please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you soon.


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