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Unlocking Opportunities: The 190 Visa in Western Australia
26 July, 2023

Australia, with its thriving economy, high quality of life, and diverse opportunities, has long been a magnet for immigrants worldwide. For individuals aspiring to live and work in Western Australia, the 190 visa is a golden ticket. This visa not only opens the doors to one of Australia’s most vibrant...

Pass and Pool Marks for the 189, 190 and 489 Visas Increased
Australian Study Requirements
13 December, 2018

From 1 July 2018, the pass and pool marks for the 189, 190 and 489 visas will increase to 65 points (from 60 points). This will only affect invitations to make a visa application issued after 1 July 2018. This will really affect the state sponsored 190 and 489 visas!